26 Clever Ways to Maximize Storage in Every Room of Your Home

26 Clever Ways to Maximize Storage
in Every Room of Your Home

No matter how much you declutter, it always feels like there’s too much stuff and not enough space. Add kids or pets to the mix and maintaining a tidy home seems impossible. Regardless of how much stuff you own, it is possible to have an organized home. The key is knowing how to organize and store your stuff so it doesn’t feel like clutter. These 26 tips show you how.

In the Garage and Yard

If your lawn is strewn with tools and outdoor toys when guests visit, you might not recover from the bad first impression. Try these tips to organize outdoor spaces.

  1. Keep garage floors clear with ceiling-mounted racks and plastic bins.
  2. Hang odd-shaped tools and toys on garage walls using tracks, pegboard, and wall-mounted baskets, and hooks.
  3. Store garden hoses in a hideaway hose reel.
  4. Use deck boxes and storage benches to store outdoor items you need easy access to, such as pool toys and cushions for patio furniture.
  5. Build a stylish solution to hide outdoor trash cans.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means it tends to get messy. Organize your kitchen without sacrificing function by implementing these storage solutions.

  1. Use adhesive hooks to hang odd-shaped items. Hang dish-washing tools above the sink, utensils on the inside of cabinet doors, and measuring tools by the spice rack.
  2. Keep small pantry items corralled in baskets inside of cabinets.
  3. Store pantry staples in clear glass or plastic containers so food stays fresh and it’s easy to see when you’re running low.
  4. Use shelf risers to keep items in the back of cabinets visible.
  5. Install a backsplash shelf to hold cooking oil and other cooking essentials.
  6. Hang pots and pans to free cabinet space. Apartment Therapy has examples that are both attractive and out of the way.

In the Bathroom

If your bathroom counters are strewn with grooming tools and beauty supplies, it’s time to get serious about bathroom organization. When you use these storage ideas, your bathroom will be a pleasure to use and a breeze to clean.

  1. Install floating shelves or wall-mounted baskets to store extra toilet paper, tissues, and other bathroom basics.
  2. Add an over-the-cabinet rack to hold hair styling tools.
  3. Keep personal items separate with labeled bins for each family member.
  4. Buy a lazy Susan to hold cleaning supplies, lotions, and other bathroom bottles.
  5. Use hanging organizers to keep bottles off the tub ledge or floor.
  6. Add drawer dividers to keep small items like contacts and makeup brushes organized.

In the Living Room

Living rooms are for living, not for storing discarded socks, dishes, games, and charging cables. Get everyday living room clutter under control with these tips.

  1. Install built-in storage for books, media, and knick-knacks, rather than sacrificing floor space to a bookshelf.
  2. Choose coffee tables and media centers with built-in drawers for hidden storage.
  1. Stash throw blankets in a storage ottoman.
  2. Use attractive storage bins and baskets to create concealed storage on open shelving.

In Bedrooms

Bedrooms are more relaxing when they’re tidy and serene, but the ability to hide messes behind closed doors means they tend to fall into disarray. Manage bedroom messes with these organization solutions.

  1. Store out-of-season clothing and bedding under the bed.
  2. Instead of piling clothes up between outfit changes, use hooks to hold unwanted items until you put them away.
  3. Install a pegboard or wire grid to hang accessories, chargers, and other small items.
  4. Use drawer organizers to keep small clothing separated.
  5. Fold clothes vertically so you can see the options without digging. See the technique at Woman’s Day.

Decluttering is one way to get your home organized, but it’s not the only way. As these tips demonstrate, a tidy home is less about how much stuff you have and more about how you organize it. By using hidden and out-of-the-way spaces to store your stuff, you can make the most of your home’s square footage.

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