Siding Charlotte NC

Siding Charlotte NC

Many homes in the Charlotte, NC, area have siding. It’s a popular choice because siding that’s well-maintained can help keep heating and cooling costs down while also adding much-appreciated beauty and value to a home. With minor issues, like damaged limited to one area, a few repairs may be all that’s needed. But siding isn’t something that’s made to last forever. If you’re on the fence about updating or replacing your existing siding in Charlotte, consider the following benefits of opting for new or replacement siding.

Boosting Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Are you seeing higher utility bills? After you’ve gone through the list of the typical reasons why this may be happening, take a good look at your existing siding. It you’re seeing cracks or areas where it’s buckling or pulling away from your home, you’ll likely benefit from the added energy efficiency new siding can provide, especially if problems with your current siding are widespread.

Improving Your Home’s Exterior Style

Siding that’s faded or outdated can also affect your home’s curb appeal and value. With vinyl siding alone, you’ll have a choice of a wide array of colors and styles, including some designs that beautifully mimic the look of wood. New siding can also reflect well on other exterior improvements you may have recently completed, or ones you may be considered.

Reducing Maintenance and Upkeep Needs

New or replacement siding, regardless of what style you may prefer, can also give you an opportunity to choose a product that is easier to maintain. Vinyl, for instance, can usually be hosed off or cleaned with mild soap and water. Some siding materials are also resistant to decay and deterioration and able to withstand year-round exposure to the elements.

As for how long exterior siding is likely to last, top-quality wood siding may last for several decades. The baked-on enamel coating on aluminum siding usually starts to fade after about 15 years. However, vinyl siding that was properly installed could provide beauty and protection for 20-40 years or more, according to some estimates. A siding contractor can help you make a well-informed decision about what’s right for your needs and budget.

Siding Charlotte NC

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