5 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

Charlotte Vinyl Siding

Replacing or upgrading your siding can seem like a daunting decision but it can be much easier if you take our advice as a homeowner we highly recommend our Charlotte vinyl siding options for your home. The popularity of Vinyl siding is no fluke, it has become one of the top selections for homeowners across the country for many reasons which we can cover in the post.

Charlotte vinyl siding
Charlotte vinyl siding

Over 32 percent of new home construction in America are using vinyl siding now and this is due in large part to the improved manufacturing techniques today that create these high-tech vinyl materials making them an exceptionally versatile and high-performing choice.

Overall Costs Are Less

One of the main reasons vinyl siding has become so popular is because of its affordability. It can cost you nearly half as much as wood a wood siding installation per square feet for the same area. Additionally, if you install it yourself, it can cost even less but we would not recommend that.


The versatility of today’s vinyl siding can give any homeowner plenty of options to work with when it comes to colors, textures and profiles to select from. You can even get vinyl siding that looks like authentic cedar shake and can fool even the most discriminating eyes. Vinyl siding can also be applied for both horizontal and vertical applications.


Maintenance is almost non-existent for vinyl siding as a lite power wash or garden hose rinsing will keep it clean for years. When it comes to maintenance, vinyl siding is about as maintenance free as it gets. It is also resistant to termites and roy which are things you can experience with wood siding. You’ll also never have to repaint or stain your home.

Heating and Cooling

Believe it or not, vinyl siding also has heating and cooling benefits associated with it. Insulated vinyl siding prevents heat loss in winter and keeps excessive heat our during the summer. Insulated vinyl siding can act as a blanking during weather temperature changes that cause the studs to “bleed” or expand letting hot or cold air in our out of your home.

If you’re considering your siding options for your new home or remodel, don’t overlook the many advantages of choosing modern vinyl siding. Call us today  704-921-9898, contact us here or message us on Facebook for a free quote.

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